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Charter of Ethics

MooringSpot aims to help end users and yachting professionals to collaborate in an efficient and ethical manner.



The website is designed to enable all brokers and agents for berths to practise their occupation honestly and dutifully with transparency.


MooringSpot offers the use of its database to Partner Agents, who agree or confirm they share our ethical values in the brokerage of rights pertaining to berths, by signing the following Charter of Ethics:



Charter of Ethics


Berth Brokers and Agents



By signing this Charter, I agree to:



1.   Practice my profession with honesty, probity and transparency



2.   Act in accordance with my clients or my prospective clients by serving their interest to the best of my ability



3.   Act as per the mandates of my clients



4.   Negotiate directly with the other party or his/her appointed agent



5.   Refuse any undeclared collaboration or mediation



6.   Respect a ceiling of total commission of 10% of the amount of the sale, regardless of the number of consultants and interventions involved



7.   Invoice for my services and my contribution to a sale and share the total amount of commission on a 50/50 basis with the agent representing the other party, when that party has contributed to the sale in an equivalent manner.



8.   Encourage boat and yacht owners to respect the sea, the coastal area and their neighbours



9.   Motivate boat and yacht owners to be vigilant for a safer sea






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