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Monaco Grand Prix Berths

The berths in the port of Monaco are amongst the most coveted ones in the world, and particularly during the Monaco Grand Prix. On the Mediterranean berth market, it is known as the only annual event which can make demand for berths reach such peaks for that special week. We are consequently contacted every year with the same questions. We have noticed how the costs and the process to obtain a berth to rent during the Monaco Grand Prix are sometimes misunderstood by some of the applicants. We would therefore like to bring a more light on the matter and explain how one can rent a berth in Port Hercule during the Monaco Grand Prix.
It’s online!
It is first of all crucial to point out that all the information is online, regularly updated, and available in three languages on the SEPM’s website (“Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco”). There is nothing secretive: The application process, the information to provide, the prices, the marina’s layout, everything is detailed in the application form, accessible to all. We therefore invite you to go to and download the Berth Request Form. We shall not paraphrase its content and leave you to read it yourself.
The berth request forms are updated every year in December and the requests are to be submitted by 28th February. Given the high level of demand, many eligible yachts find themselves on a waiting list. In order to help us better explain the attribution process, Mr Gianbattista Borea d’Olmo and Mr Daniel Realini gave us an appointment. The SEPM has nothing to hide. There are no secrets. The marina operator’s purpose is to manage efficiently and transparently the ports of Monaco. The General Manager and the Deputy Executive Director were therefore very pleased to share how yachts are allocated berths.

Layout of Port Hercule and berths during the Monaco Grand Prix

Berth Rental Rates in Port Hercule during the Monaco Grand Prix week.
Berth Allocation Criteria
During the Grand Prix, Port Hercule is the centre stage. Monaco is one of the most emblematic Grand Prix in the Formula 1 calendar, a place where the world of motorsports and racing gathers, works and lives throughout the week’s practice sessions, races and parties. Priority is therefore given to entities or people who have the most relevance to the event: racing teams, drivers and Formula 1 sponsors. As the demand is significantly higher than the number of berths within the port, and as many applicants are connected to the F1 world, the SEPM has a very thorough and strict berth allocation process. Each driver, team or sponsor may only be associated to one berth request.
A Berth Attribution Commission gathers every year, at the end of March, a month after the deadline to submit Grand Prix berth requests (28th February). This commission comprises representatives of the SEPM, of the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM, the organiser of the event) and members of government. It selects the yachts and the applicants based on their importance and their relevance to the Grand Prix. Every element is taken into consideration.
During the month that precedes this selection, the SEPM reviews and checks the accuracy of the applications received. It is pointless to try to forge documents or exaggerate facts. The SEPM will find out. At that time of year, a member of the port administration’s staff is entirely dedicated to assessing GP berth requests and contacting the different Formula 1 entities and personalities referred to. The SEPM does not hesitate to press charges. As this is Monaco and that a good part of the Formula 1 community resides in the principality, “they will know” if you are lying in any case. The SEPM also monitors the web and the world of yachting in case someone would try to resell a berth or use it for reasons other than those presented in the berth request.
Is it possible to obtain a berth without being associated to Formula 1?
Though it is difficult for these applicants to obtain a berth in the parts of the marina designated as “Zone 1” (the most demanded berths with a view or access on the racing track as indicated on the layout), it remains possible to get a berth in “Zone 2”, at a lower rate, and according to some, this option offers an even greater experience of the Grand Prix. For instance, some Formula 1 enthusiasts prefer to stay moored in Fontvieille harbour, which is quieter during the Grand Prix and where the quays remain easily accessible when the race track is closed (due to racing or practice sessions). Others prefer being moored off the “T-jetty”, in the centre of Port Hercule, where you need a tender to be able to board the yacht.
Every year cancellations take place. Yachts on the waiting list can then obtain a berth.
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