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Port La Napoule : An Extension of the Concession?


For now nearly 4 years, there has been a plan to redevelop a part of Port La Napoule in Mandelieu. This project would allow the creation of more berths in the marina, particularly catamaran berths (of which there are too few on the French Riviera), without resorting to land reclamation works or expanding the marina’s layout. This would consist in redeveloping the northern part of the harbour’s sea entrance, without spoiling the view of the La Napoule Castle (Château de La Napoule) one of the local landmarks. The construction of this new quay would be entirely financed by the marina’s concession-holder’s shareholders, the Yacht Club International de La Napoule (YCIMN). In exchange for this enhancement to the port’s infrastructure, which remains the property of France, the concession-holding company would benefit from a 5 year extension of its concession, which would then end on 31st December 2029.
Such a project requires an extensive amount of research, and studies as well as consultation process and of course obtaining a number of permissions from the French authorities. This is why this redevelopment of the marina still remains a project, at this stage. Though word has spread that this concession extension had been confirmed, at the time we are writing this article, such claims are premature and misleading. Currently, according to our sources, in April 2016, the port’s administration, the town of Mandelieu-La-Napoule and the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes (the county), are discussing the value of the extension of the marina’s concession in exchange of the berths which would be created. Is it really worth a 5 year extension? Though the concession-holding company has acted diligently and though this project has good chances of becoming a reality, nothing is certain at this stage. The end of the concession for Port La Napoule has not changed. It is still due on 31st December 2024. The value of the YCIMN shares, which grant shareholders the Right to Use the marina’s berths, can currently still not be estimated as if they could guarantee the use of Port La Napoule’s moorings for a period of 14 years.
We will endeavour to keep you informed on how this project evolbes and will keep the information accessible on MooringSpot’s berth database up to date, in accordance with the indications we receive from the YCIMN.

NEWS UPDATE : The extension of Port La Napoule's concession was confirmed on 1st August 2016. Find out more
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MooringSpot, April 2016.
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