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PortoMirabello : Why not try !

PortoMirabello is currently offering the first 50 yachts booking an annual berth rental contract for the first time a very substantial discount, to give them an even greater incentive to try the marina. Though we have been informed of how huge these discounts are, we have been asked not to publicise them. However, we can confirm they make staying in PortoMirabello even more appealing, saving yacht owners considerable money on mooring fees.
This limited offer is part of the marina’s 2016 promotion campaign entitled “PortoMirabello: Why Not Try?”. La Spezia’s modern marina resort has reached a stage in its growth where it can afford to attract yachts by what some would call “under-pricing” some of its berths. Its sales targets have been reached and its occupancy level is up to 80%. The marina is also benefitting from the superyacht deliveries taking place in Tuscany. Many of these yachts obviously tend to choose PortoMirabello as the first port to moor in, after they launch, as it is the most modern and nearest marina resort in the area, designed specifically for vessels of this calibre. At this rate, the marina’s management is expecting it will have reached full occupancy in 2 years’ time at the latest.
As yachts keep getting bigger and bigger, PortoMirabello is currently adapting its layout to welcome more “Gigayachts”, with more large berths of 70 to 100 metres in length. Attending to the needs of such luxury vessels also requires a heightened attention to security. Though the marina is already one of the safest place yachts can moor, PortoMirabello is currently putting in place private security dedicated to the megayacht area.
Enhancing the comfort-zone for visitors and the residents of PortoMirabello is still very high on the management priorities list. For instance, an English pub will soon be opening in the marina. Though La Spezia and the marina have a variety of bars and cafés to choose from, expats such as superyacht crew who often come from Britain, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand, need somewhere to relax and feel close to home after a hard day’s work. PortoMirabello management fully understands this and as a result it will soon be possible to appreciate a good pint of draught beer in the marina.
For those who prefer to unwind by working-out and staying in shape, a Technogym will also soon be opening its doors.
As life keeps growing in the marina, its developer, Alessandro Menozzi, anticipates luxury accommodation will be needed in the years to come. In addition, he also wishes to enhance the comfort zone for crew living and working on superyachts, by creating accommodation for them, should they need some, especially during the colder months of the year.
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MooringSpot, July 2016.
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