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Port of Beaulieu

Port of Beaulieu
Other names: SPPB, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, "Petite Afrique"
Introduction: The Port of Beaulieu is located between Nice and Monaco, directly East of Cap Ferrat. Once a quiet little fishing village, Beaulieu has become a welcoming and appealing destination to moor for many boats and yachts.
Towns close by: Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Eze-sur-Mer, Villefranche
Neighbouring ports: Port des Fourmis / Port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat / Port de Villefrance - Darse / Port Silva Maris
Latitude/Longitude: 43°42'25,82"N ; 7°20'14,68"E

General Information

Cruising Distances Pyramid:
Road Travel Times Pyramid:
Town: Beaulieu-sur-Mer

The Port of Beaulieu is located between the old perched village of Eze and Cap Ferrat. It is medium sized harbour which has over  700 berths and can moor a few yachts up to 30 m long. Part of this private port, said the “old port” is public, and welcome boats up to 22 m long.


Beaulieu-sur-mer is a town which got its fame as a seaside resort towards the end of the 19th century. It became a part of France under Napoleon III, who called it “Belloloco”. It is due to its popularity amongst the upper classes of society and the aristocracy, that Beaulieu developed into a town of its own (until then it was a part of Nice). Its first mayor, Hippolyte Marioni, spent a considerable of his personal wealth, without counting, to turn what was once a tiny little village circuling a church, into an extremely popular seaside resort of the time. This all took place during what was to be later called the “Belle Epoque”.

Since then, Beaulieu-sur-Mer has kept its original charm. Nowadays, it is host to many luxury hotels and villas of various architectural styles, as well as many residents who commute daily to work in the neighbouring towns of Nice and Monaco. Therefore, the town keeps its cosy and peaceful aspect, even during the summer, whilst other coastal towns tend to be more crowded by holiday makers.


The Port of Beaulieu is located half-way between Cap Roux and Cap Ferrat. It is very popular for its charm and beauty. Wherever you are in the port, you can always see the impressive limestone cliff of Cap Roux, the local natural landmark, in a coastal background which has remained relatively preserved over the years and still has many green areas.


The marina’s administration is renowned for having earned multiple awards and certifications for its respect of the environment and good management (ISO 9001 and 14001). In the Port of Beaulieu, for many years already, it is possible to recycle your garbage (there is a selective sorting point right in front of the port’s office). Black and grey water pumping is available on appointment. The marina is constantly kept clean and under security surveillance. A new port office opened its doors in 2011. In recent years, the port’s layout was rethought and rearranged to be better suited to modern boats and yachts (usually much beamier than when the port was built). Since this is a highly demanded place to keep one’s boat, these changes in the berth’s sizes has not put an end to the waiting lists to rent there.


The two basins on each side of the port’s central jetty bring the total of berth to 723. The smallest berths are located in the “old port” and in the angle formed by Quay Nord and Quay du Levant. All the yachts are moored along the Digue du Levant, where the port has approximately 30 berths for these sizes (24 m and longer) and where the water depth varies from 5 m to 7 m. However, the draft of boats going in and out of the harbour cannot exceed 3.8 m.


There are shops and businesses located on either side of the port’s road entrance, along Quay du Ponant. Shipchandlers and yachting agencies are aligned along the part south of the port’s offices. To the North of the quay, as you head towards the “Petite Afrique” beach, you will find boutiques and restaurants.

Approaches: The Port of Beaulieu is not clearly visible from a distance at sea. It is located in the Western part of the bay. To the East of the port, the conspicuous limestone cliff on (which you can see a road and tunnels at its base) marks the middle of the bay. The port has two entrances. The Northern is the one to be used by all yachts and most boats. The southern entrance, smaller and much shallower can only be used by boats with less than 2.5 m drafts (the channel is marked by buoys). It is also used by the sailing club.

Port Capacity

Number of berths: 723
Smallest size: 6 m
Maximum size: 45 m
Depths: 1,5 m to 4 m
Power supply: Power supplied to all berths in the marina
Water supply: Fresh Water supplied to all of the port's berths
  • Power supplied to all berths : 380 V/63 A on the docks ; 220 V/32 A on pontoons
  • Fresh water supplied on all berths in the port
  • Shower block (8 showers) and 9 toilets located in the new Port Office building
  • Shipyard facilities: Two travelifts (100 T and 40 T) / 2.5 T mobile crane
  • 24/24, 7/7 security
  • WiFi available
  • Black/Grey water pumping for boats up to 12 m LOA available (prior appointment required)
  • Selective sorting and used oil disposal unit next to the shipyard
  • Refuse dump
  • Fuelling Station (located on Quay du Levant) close to the port’s entrance

Port Directory

Port Office (Capitainerie - SPPB) :

Port President : Mr. Richard Bonin

Conceding Authority : Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur

Harbour Masters : Messieurs Zvonko Bizjak et Julien Gasparro


Tel : +33 (0)4 93 01 10 49

Fax : +33 (0)4 93 01 14 12


Port website : www.portdebeaulieu.com


Local Weather



Other Useful Numbers :


Monaco Marine (Beaulieu Shipyard):

Tel : + 33 (0)4 93 76 47 64





Tel : +33 (0)4 93 01 09 34




Tel : +33 (0)4 93 01 03 42


TOTAL Fuelling Quay

Tel : +33 (0)4 93 01 41 22


Tourist Board

Tel : +33(0)4 93 01 02 21



Tel : +33 (0)4 93 01 03 46


Boat Taxis

Tel : +33 (0)6 09 20 90 20

Tel : +33 (0)6 40 24 92 04


Cycles Camellini (Bicycles)

Tel : +33 (0)4 93 01 04 51


Car Hire (HERTZ)

Tel : +33 (0)4 93 01 62 30


ECOTANK (Black/Grey water pumping)

Tel : +33 (0)6 85 50 18 35

The Area

Getting there (car, train, plane):


By car

Part of the marina’s car park is open to all on the Quay du Ponant, near the shops, offices and restaurants. Quay Nord and Quay du Levant are closed-off to the public by a barrier and are accessible to cars with badges (port users).


By train

Beaulieu-sur-Mer’s train station is minutes’ walk away from the port, in the centre of the town, on Georges Clemenceau Square, accessible walking up boulevard du Marechal Joffre.



The Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport is the closest, located a half-hour’s drive away on the D6098 coastal road (known as the “Basse Corniche”).

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Port History and Anecdotes

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