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Port Cogolin

Port Cogolin
Introduction: Port Cogolin is a very small marina in the Gulf of St Tropez, located inland, between Marines de Cogolin and Port Grimaud and offering feehold berths for boats up to 50’ (15 m).
Towns close by: Grimaud (83310), Saint Tropez (83990), Sainte-Maxime (83120).
Neighbouring ports: Marines de Cogolin / Port Grimaud / Port of St Tropez / Port of Cavalaire / Port of Ste Maxime.
Latitude/Longitude: 43° 16’ 2” N ; 6° 34’ 39” E

General Information

Cruising Distances Pyramid:
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Town: Cogolin
Port Cogolin is a small peaceful marina nestled between the much larger marinas of Port Grimaud and the Marines de Cogolin (not to be confused with), located along the Giscle river, which connects it to the sea and the famous Gulf of Saint Tropez.
From Port Cogolin to the sea, there is less than a kilometre (or half a nautical mile). There are no bridges between the marina and the access to the sea, therefore there is no airdraft limit for boats wishing to stay in the harbour. However, though the river is regularly dredged, the depth is relatively limited. Only boats which draw less than 2 metres or have retractable keels can navigate up the Giscle.
Port Cogolin is a small peninsula between its two vast neighbouring marinas. It is a world of its own, where some live all year around, though some apartments and residences are mostly inhabited during the summer. This little village on the water has its own businesses, shops, and boutiques of all sorts in a predominantly pedestrian area. There is an underground public car park, located under the shopping centre as you enter the marina, as well as a few parking spaces outdoors. This contributes to the calm atmosphere of Port Cogolin, where children can freely play about the quays in total safety. In addition, as this is mostly a residential marina, there are few visitors aside from friends and families of its residents, which gives a particular human warmth to this harbour.
As it is located inland and out of France’s Public Maritime Domain, this marina has the rare feature of offering berths that can be purchased as freehold property. Unlike other marinas in the Gulf of St Tropez, the Right to Use the moorings of Port Cogolin is not limited in time. A boat owner can be the rightfull owner of his/her berth, for life.
The marina’s berths are mainly spread in two basins as well as in the river:
  • The “Grand Bassin”, upstream, with 66 moorings
  • The “Petit Bassin”, downstream, with 38 berths, where some boats are moored side-on
  • In addition, 61 berths are located along the Giscle. Some of them can accommodate boats up to 15 metres (50’) in Length overall, generally moored stern-to.

Port Capacity

Number of berths: 150
Smallest size: 4 metres.
Maximum size: 15 metres.
Depths: 1 to 2 metres.
Power supply: 220 V / 16 A
Water supply: Fresh water supplied to all berths in the marina via pedestals on the quays.

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