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Port Frejus

Port Frejus
Other names: SEM de Gestion du Port de Frejus
Introduction: Port Frejus is a vast marina with berths for up to 700 boats and few yachts, located west of the Esterel mountains, and half-way between Cannes and St-Tropez. It is one of the most recent marinas in the area, a nice home-port...
Towns close by: Frejus (83600), Saint-Raphael (83700), Agay (83530), Les Issambres (83380), Sainte-Maxime (83120)
Neighbouring ports: Port of Saint-Raphael / Port Santa Lucia / Port of St-Aygulf / Port Ferreol / San Peire-les-Issambres / Port of Ste-Maxime
Latitude/Longitude: 43°25’12.35”N ; 6°44’56.40”E

General Information

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Town: Fréjus
Port Frejus is located at the eastern end of the town of Frejus. This is a very popular place for boat owners and holidaymakers. It is halfway between busy places which are St-Tropez and Cannes, and it is ideally located just west of the Esterel Coast nearby, appreciated for its coves and anchorages. It is one of the recently built marinas along the Var coast and throughout the French Riviera, having only been inaugurated in July 1989. This is apparent in the port’s layout, its architecture and its infrastructure as well as in the parts of town around the marina, with a definite modern feel to the place.
However, the Frejus as a harbour goes way back in history. "Forum Iulii" was in ancient times a major trading port, a naval base as well as a large Roman city. Some of the ruins can be visited. Yet, Frejus looks like a brand new holiday town. The quality of life there would almost have you forget that, on 2 December 1959, this little town was devastated with the collapse of the Malpasset dam. That evening, after heavy rains, the dam gave way at 21:13 unleashing a 40 metre high wave into the valley, destroying everything in its path, including a large part of Frejus, before reaching the sea. Images of the town then show a lunar landscape. This national disaster cost the inhabitants of Frejus 423 lives. The town was rebuilt, during the 1960s and 1970s, period during which the Riviera was extensively transformed with constructions.
Port Fréjus was therefore opened in 1989, with the perspective of connecting the town’s waterfront to the town’s centre, which had been preserved. The marina as it is nowadays has nothing in common with the harbour in antique times. Its layout has primarily been designed to accommodate the smaller boat, on docks and 15 pontoons. In total, there are 672 berths in the marina for boats ranging from 5 m to 15 m in length, including 29 moorings for short stays. The port of Frejus also has 30 berths for larger boats as well as yachts of a maximum size of 30 m x 7 m, on a location not far from the port’s entrance.
Inland marina extension projects, inspired by the town of Frejus’ history have recently taken place. A small canal has been dug up, creating berths and moorings for up to a hundred boats from 8 m to 15 m in length overall (and less than 4.5 m air-draft due bridges, and less than 2 m draft).
Port Fréjus is a private marina built post-1983. It is therefore possible to acquire rights to use berths there until the end of the port’s concession, but only under the form of Guaranteed Usage (“Garantie d’Usage” in French), unlike the older private ports, where the rights to use are connected to detaining a lease (or “Amodiation”) corresponding to a mooring.
Approaches: Port Frejus is to be entered from the east. The marina is right to the west of the old port of St-Rapahel which is more conspicuous with it church dome. A 1 km sandy beach separates the marina of St Raphael to the east and Port Frejus to the west of it.

Port Capacity

Number of berths: 702
Smallest size: 5,50 m
Maximum size: 30 m
Depths: 2 m to 3,50 m
Power supply: 220 V - 16 A and 380 V - 63 A
Water supply: Fresh Water supplied to all quays and pontoons in the marina
  • Power supplied on all quays and pontoons in the marina (220V-16A / 380V-63A)
  • 2 WC & shower blocks, one on the western side of the marina, the other on the eastern side close to the port office
  • Launderettes
  • Shipyard: Slip with regulated access / 50 T travelift / 10 T crane
  • Refuse dump and multiple recycling points all around the port
  • Black and grey water pumping available in the marina
  • Fuelling Quay located by the marina’s entrance, close to the shipyard and port office
  • Shipchandlers, shops and businesses, restaurants and bars can be found in the marina.

Port Directory

La Capitainerie:

Director of port: Monsieur Garnier
Master of harbor: Monsieur Guiart
Phone : +33 (0)4 94 82 63 00
Fax : +33 (0)4 94 51 48 52

Internet website: http://www.portfrejus.fr

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