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Port Camille Rayon - Golfe Juan

Port Camille Rayon - Golfe Juan
Other names: Société du Nouveau Port de Vallauris Golfe-Juan
Introduction: In the Centre of Gulf Juan lie the two ports side by side: the Port of Golfe Juan and Port Camille Rayon. They are well sheltered and ideally located, just a few minutes away from Cannes and facing the Iles de Lerins (or Cannes...
Towns close by: Vallauris, Mougins, Antibes, Juan-les-Pins, Cannes
Neighbouring ports: Port Gallice (East) / Port Vauban (East) / Port Pierre Canto (West) / Port of Cannes (West)
Latitude/Longitude: 43°33'50.31" N ; 7°04'43.10" E

General Information

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Town: Vallauris Golfe-Juan

Port Camille Rayon is a popular port of the French Riviera, nested in the middle of Gulf Juan, in the eastern part of what some call the Bay of Cannes (that is to say, the area including the Gulf of La Napoule, Cannes and Golfe Juan). The marina is a 15 minutes’ drive from the Croisette of Cannes following the coast line.

Many mistake Port Camille Rayon and the Port of Golfe Juan as being the same harbour. Although the port facilities share a resemblance, with two breakwaters converging to an opening in front of a central quay, it is actually two separate ports. The Port of Golfe Juan, also known as the "Old Port", which is a public port, lies to the west of the central pier. Port Camille Rayon is the part to the East of the same pier or quay ("Quai d'Honneur" also called "Quai Napoleon") where its Port Office is located.


Golfe Juan is attached to the town of Vallauris between those of Cannes and Antibes Juan-Les-Pins. This part of the Côte d'Azur is very busy, especially in summer. Although Port Camille Rayon is the home of very large yachts, the majority of berths are for much smaller boats. Many yacht owners have their villas in the surrounding hills or on the Cap d'Antibes, making Port Camille Rayon a popular choice to base one’s yacht.


Port Camille Rayon has 833 berths for boats from 6 m to 75 m in length on concrete quays. The depth in the harbour’s basins varies from 2 m to 5 metres. The super yachts are moored on the outer half of the southern jetty, and opposite, on Quay d’Honneur.


From Port Camille Rayon it is possible for a motor boat to cruise in less than an hour to popular places such as Cannes of course, but also the Lérins Islands, the Bay of Billionaires or the more preserved Massif de l’Esterel.


Life in Port Camille Rayon revolves all year around with its local restaurants and marine professionals providing services for your boating needs. There is even an open-air theatre at the eastern end of the harbour. Further East is the beach which you will find convenient in the summer, on days you just feel like staying in the harbour.


Finally do not forget that Golfe Juan is famous for being the landing site Napoleon chose following his escape from the island of Elba, on February 28th 1815, to take France back from the Restoration and begin the “100-day” period that led to the Battle of Waterloo and his final exile on Saint Helen. Some of the shops and buildings in the area are there to remind you of this important fact in the France’s history.

Approaches: Approaching from the West, between the island of the Tradliere (Ile de Lerins) and the Fourmigue beacon, bear North (between 350° and 005°). Approaching from the East, between the Cap d'Antibes and the Fourmigue beacon, sail to the middle of the gulf leaving Port Gallice to starboard and the beacon to Port. The line of buildings and houses near the port does not offer any conspicuous land marks for your approach. However, the Port is located slightly east of the lighthouse Vallouris. Beware of the rocks and reef located North and South of the Fourmigue beacon (black and red striped turret).

Port Capacity

Number of berths: 833
Smallest size: 6 m
Maximum size: 75 m
Depths: 2 m to 5 m
Power supply: Power supplied to all berths in the port
Water supply: Fresh Water supplied to all berths in the harbour.
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Port Directory

Port Administration - Capitainerie :

Director : Mrs. Lara-Rayon
Harbour Master : Messieurs Bernard et Giraud

Phone : +33 (0)4 93 63 30 30
Fax : +33 (0)4 93 63 55 07

Official website: www.portcamillerayon.net

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