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Port of Bandol

Port of Bandol
Other names: SEML SOGEBA
Introduction: The Port of Bandol is located on the western side of the Bay of Bandol. The marina has 1,600 berths located on pontoons and quays, including 160 berths allocated to short term rentals and overnight stays.
Towns close by: Bandol (83150), Sanary-sur-Mer (83110), Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer (83270), La Ciotat (13600), La Seyne-sur-Mer (83500)
Neighbouring ports: Port of La Ciotat / Port des Lecques / Port of Sanary-sur-Mer / La Coudoulière / Le Brusc / Saint-Pierre-des-Embiez
Latitude/Longitude: 43°07’59.19”N ; 5°45’22.52”E

General Information

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Town: Bandol
The Port of Bandol lays at the centre of the small town of Bandol, famous for its climate, Provencal ambiance and of course, its wine. This port is intended primarily for the boating, most berths not exceeding 12 metres in length. The port can however accommodate yachts up to some 30 m long a few berths.
The Port is sheltered by an embankment of 2.2 hectares to the east (on which you will find the shipyard, the town’s central car park and closer to the harbour entrance, the Port Office) and a breakwater of 350 m stretching from the southwest. The basin thus formed is surrounded by the city, its typical houses and its pedestrian area, and welcomes boats of all sizes along the main dock. The “Pointus”, typical of fishing boats of this region, are moored along the “Petit Quai d'Honneur” and the Fisherman's Wharf, displaying the bright colours of the city, but also those of other regions, such as Brittany and Luxembourg. In the centre of the port, a 220 meter long quay, with five pontoons placed on each side, gathers the lease-hold berths of the harbour. The concession on these berths expires on 31st December 2021 (the right to use these berths will then fully return to the state).
In the Port of Bandol you will notice that the sea is made particularly accessible to visitors. If you do not have your own boat, many boats, tour boats and passenger vessels await you on the Quay d'Honneur, close to the pedestrian area. From Bandol, you are halfway between Hyères and the Cassis area and you have a wide choice of places to visit. The Port of Bandol also hosts a large number of boat rental and charter companies, offering a wide choice to holidaymakers, whether they need to rent a boat for the day or for longer periods. These boats are mainly gathered in south-eastern part of the harbour, moored on the pontoons A, B, C, and D, accessible from the Quay du Stade (near the stadium).
Once moored to your berth, everything you might need is close by in Bandol. Restaurants, shops, and the town’s supermarket are within short walking distance. You can choose between two beaches nearby, one to the West (the “Creux de Bandol”) accross the city center, and the other one laying between the harbour’s parking lot and the Casino of Bandol.
Approaches: The Island of Bendor, southwest of the Port of Bandol is easy to spot. The Fourmigue Tower, black tower marked with a red stipe at the centre is also conspicuous, located 500 meters from the harbour entrance. If you are approaching from far at sea, the town of Bandol is made conspicuous by the white grid shaped buildings embracing the shape of the hill above the town. Approaching from the South keep Fourmigue (rocks and shoals) to port. Entering the port can be difficult when stong southerlies, with a strong swell.

Port Capacity

Number of berths: 1600
Smallest size: 5 m
Maximum size: 30 m
Depths: 3 m to 1 m
Power supply: 220V / 380V
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Port Directory

La Capitainerie:

Master of harbour: Monsieur Lanzi

Phone : +33 (0)4 94 29 42 64
Fax : +33 (0)4 94 29 93 20

The Area

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