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Port of Sainte-Maxime

Port of Sainte-Maxime
Other names: SEMA, Société Privée du Port de Sainte-Maxime
Introduction: The Port of Sainte-Maxime and its sweet little residential town, which are much appreciated by holiday makers, are located at the northern entrance of the Gulf of St Tropez, 1.5 nautical miles to the West of Pointe des Sardinaux.
Towns close by: Sainte-Maxime (83120), Roquebrune-sur-Argens (83380), Grimaud (83310), Cogolin (83310), Saint-Tropez (83990)
Neighbouring ports: Port Grimaud, Marines de Cogolin, Port Cogolin, Port de St Tropez, Les Issambres
Latitude/Longitude: 43°18’21.56” N ; 6°38’20.41” E

General Information

Cruising Distances Pyramid:
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Town: Sainte Maxime

The town of Sainte-Maxime mirrors that of St Tropez on the other side of the gulf. Although a holiday destination for many, Ste-Maxime attracts fewer tourists than St Tropez in the summer. In the newer parts of town are large villas and luxurious estate complexes, which are the second homes of many families worldwide who for years have elected to spend their summer, and mix harmoniously with the more local population. Even in the middle of summer, Sainte Maxime keeps a certain friendly-sunny atmosphere.


The Port of Sainte-Maxime can accommodate up to 780 boats on quays and pontoons. This port is in fact divided into two sections: to the North, the Port Public and Private Basin or port (“Société du Port Privé de Ste-Maxime”) South of Mole Leon Condroyer. It is on this large central quay that the harbour office, the fueling dock, the shower and toilet blocks and port’s shops are located. The private port accommodates various sizes of boats as well as yachts on a few berths on which 26 m length overall boats can moor. Berths in the Public Port (only rentable by contract with the harbour office) can have boats up to 15 m in length and only has 30 berths for short term rentals.


The Port of Sainte Maxime is an ideal home port to enjoy the French Riviera and particularly the area of the Gulf of St Tropez. You can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the gulf, with the town of St. Tropez in the background and the site of the many boats, cruising in and out, and commuting to and from the different ends of the “pond”. Sainte Maxime also has the advantage of being more accessible by road than other coastal towns in the gulf. Ste Maxime is closer to the A8 motorway than Saint Tropez, Port Grimaud and Marines de Cogolin, as it is directly connected to it by the long D25 road.


Approaches: The port is conspicuous from a distance and easy to locate thanks to the buildings and houses on and near the Sainte-Maxime waterfront. The white bridge with its single arches over the river Préconcil is also a good indicator of the port’s position. It is located close to shore, 300 m to the West of the harbour on the other side of the beach. The port entrance is 60 m wide and oriented towards the West. Please Note: Mooring / Anchoring is prohibited in front of the harbour entrance and in most of the bay of Ste-Maxime.

Port Capacity

Number of berths: 780
Smallest size: 5 m
Maximum size: 26 m
Depths: 1 m to 8 m
Water supply: Water supplied to all berths in the marina


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Port Directory

La Capitainerie:

Director of port : Monsieur Ellul
Master of harbour : Monsieur Ollivier, Monsieur Henri
Phone : +33 (0)4 94 96 74 25
Fax : + 33 (0)4 94 43 82 03

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