Setur Finike Marina : Berths and annual mooring renting.

Setur Finike Marina

Setur Finike Marina
Other names: Finike Marina, Setur Marinas.
Introduction: Setur Finike Marina is a small harbour to the west of Antalya, with 320 berths, including moorings for yachts up to 50 m (164ft). It is a short distance away from Demre and Myra, equipped with modern facilities and a shipyard ...
Towns close by: Kas, Demre, Kumluca, Tekirova, Kemer, Antalya.
Neighbouring ports: Kas Buçak Marina / Kale Köy / Kemer Turkiz Marina / Antalya / Kaleçi Marina / Alanya Marina.
Latitude/Longitude: 36° 17' 40” N ; 30° 09' 08” E

General Information

Cruising Distances Pyramid:
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Town: Finike
Finike Marina is a small harbour in the Turkish province of Antalya in the south of Teke peninsula.
The marina is sheltered by two long breakwaters. In addition, with the peninsula to the southwest (where the prevailing winds come from in the area), it is a particularly well sheltered harbour, especially in winter, making it a home-port and an ideal wintering location for many boat owners. Although this is primarily a port for boats, among the 320 berths, some areas along the long southern pier’s quay can welcome yachts up to 50 m in length overall. The port also has its own shipyard, which can carry out most maintenance and repair works on site, equipped with an 80 ton travelift.
Finike is not dependent on tourism. Indeed, its orange groves that are the symbol of the town are the base of its economy. Finike was not affected by the tourist boom that radically changed the other coastal areas of Antalya. It is a peaceful town and its inhabitants cultivate their own way of life. The marine life is rich and the beaches are a significant nesting ground for loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta). The few remaining seals in the Mediterranean take refuge in the rocky parts of the coast.
The extremely mild winter climate, the cost of living, a wide choice of food supplies and Antalya airport only 100 kilometres away make it a privileged spot for living on board ship in Turkey. It is the safest harbour near Myra and Demre and close to ancient Limyra.
The site of ancient Phoenix is near the harbour but there is practically nothing left of it. Nevertheless, it is possible to visit Limyra, a former Lycian city (acropolis, theatre and antique necropolis), Arycanda that has kept its thermal baths, an agora, a theatre, a stadium and a bouleuterion, as well as Olympos, well-known for both its unspoilt beaches and for its ancient city.

Port Capacity

Number of berths: 320
Smallest size: 6 m
Maximum size: 50 m
Depths: 3.5 m to 5 m.
Power supply: 220 V – 380 V
Water supply: Fresh water supplied to all berths in the marina.

Port Directory

Port Office – Setur Finike Marina – Setur Marinas :
VHF 73 & 16 – “Setur Marina"
Tel : +90 242 855 50 30
Fax : +90 242 855 50 31

Official Website :

Port History and Anecdotes

For centuries Finike, which was called “Phoenicus” by the Lycians, was an important commercial port founded by the Phoenicians in the Vth century before Christ. Trade routes along this Asia Minor coastline were first established by Persia, until its defeat by Alexander the Great’s armies, when all of the Lycian region had to be handed over. The coast remained vulnerable to attacks by Syrians and Greeks from the island of Rhodes until it became part of the Roman Empire, and later of the Byzantine Empire. The latter held the region for almost eight centuries before an invasion by the Arabian armies. It was later seized by the Seljuks in the XIIIth century and then by the Ottoman Empire, in 1426.

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