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Ports of Antibes : The Transition begins in 2017

The town of Antibes-Juan-les-Pins has announced, this December 2015, its plan for Port Vauban in the years to come. The marina, currently managed by a half-public, half-private company (SAEM, Société à Economie Mixte) which is also the harbour’s concession holder, is due to return to full state ownership on 1st January 2022. In addition, Port Gallice, where the concession is due to expire much earlier, on 1st January 2018, is also part of the town. Therefore, for many months, there have been consultations and much thinking regarding the future of both harbours, their management, and the needs of their users.
Faced with this issue, the town of Antibes had 3 administrative solutions :
  • Incorporating the marinas’ management within the city council’s services (a “Regie” in French);
  • An SPL (Société Publique Locale), which is a company created by two public administrations. This solution would have allowed the city council to delegate the management of the marinas to a separate entity whilst keeping complete control of it (and consequently retain complete control of both harbours);
  • A “DSP” (Délégation de Services Publics), which consists in appointing a private company, specialised in this field, to run the harbours for a defined period of time.
Antibes’ Choice
Though one year ago, it seemed the SPL solution was preferred by the town’s representatives, an invitation to tender is going to be issued, no later than January 2016, as Mayor Jean Leonetti declared earlier this month, in order to determine which private company will take over the task. The successful bidder will therefore succeed to the two separate administrations of Port Vauban and Port Gallice, in order to manage, maintain and modernise the marinas, from January 2018, if not before then, for a period of 15 to 25 years.
The Rights of Berth Lease-Holders will be respected
Though this solution is practical, efficient and profitable for the town of Antibes (which has in fact hardly ever perceived any of the revenue the marinas generate), it could have been a major cause for concern from the marinas’ berth lease-holders (the people who own exclusive rights on the berths). In accordance with article 54 of the Port Vauban’s terms of concession, from the 8th year of the concession onwards, the conceding authority (i.e. the town of Antibes)may buy back the harbour’s concession at a price that is proportional to the number of years remaining and which would be ridiculously low in comparison to the real value of all the berths in the marina. However, the Mayor of Antibes has clearly confirmed and guaranteed that no such measures would be taken. The 750 berth lease-holders in both harbours will see “their rights respected all the way through to the term of their contract”. The private operator, who will take-over the management in 2017-2018, will have to comply with this pledge.
In addition, it has been confirmed that once the concessions are over, the current berth lease-holders will be able to keep using berths, and will be able to rent them at the rate determined by the new operator. In other terms, unless they change for bigger yachts, they will each be able to rent the berths they currently have exclusive rights on.
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MooringSpot, Decembre 2015.
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