What is MooringSpot ? Concept for the sale, purchase, long term renting of berths direct

What is MooringSpot ?

It is a website where people can find berths advertised in order to have a home port, all-too-often difficult to find in popular yachting destinations. It is a simple and « low-cost » solution to broker, negotiate, the right to occupy a berth over a number of years.






There are many websites where one can post an ad. 

What difference does MooringSpot bring ?


There are general advertising websites which enable you to sell all sorts of goods, as well as more specialised websites focused on products such as boats or related equipment:


- They can enable you to post an ad for a berth like you would advertise a pair of roller-skates, or they can allow you to promote it like a boat.


- You are the one who has to fill in, edit, the entire ad


- Anyone can advertise anything on these websites


MooringSpot is a website specifically designed for berths.


MooringSpot’s advantages are:


- Only people who really have rights on berths are allowed to advertise on MooringSpot. We verify the veracity of the advertisements published as well as the identity of advertisers.


- When you list a berth on MooringSpot, you only need to provide:

  • Your berth number
  • Your name and contact details
  • Your price
  • Your sales pitch
  • A photo of your berth

- The website is built on an extensive database which gathers elaborate data on all the berths in a port (thanks to the collaboration of the port authorities concerned).


Consequently: All the details specific to your berth are automatically listed in your advertisement without you having to fill them in yourself.




How does MooringSpot help me find a berth ?


Using MooringSpot gives you two main advantages:


- All the physical, legal and financial information displayed regarding a berth are impartial and reliable. These details do not come from the advertiser but from the port office directly.


- You have direct contact with the advertiser, the seller, without having to rely on a useless and costly chain of intermediaries to complete a transaction.




If I am “buying” a berth, how much does MooringSpot cost me ?


Nothing! We do not charge any commission or any fees for your use of our website.




If I am “selling” a berth, how much does MooringSpot cost me ?


We do not charge any commission to the seller.

MooringSpot charges a fee which is proportionally based on the size of berths and the duration of the advertisements, as detailed below :



Otherwise, for free, you can make your advertisement visible only to MooringSpot Partner agencies, specialised in the brokerage of berths, and who have signed our Charter of Ethics. They will then be able to contact you should they have buyers interested in your berth. These agencies will charge you commission on the successful completion of a sale.




Advertising on the Internet may present risks. How do I not get harassed by swindlers and thieves ?


When you publish an advertisement, you can of course choose to leave your telephone number and email address visible or hide them. You do not need to be contacted to organise a viewing of the berth! All the relevant information is available on MooringSpot or at the port office. All you really need to be contacted for is to consider offers.




If I choose to hide my contact details, how can buyers make offers to me ?


You can receive offers without displaying your contact details.


MooringSpot gives you free access to an online negotiation interface. With this system, your contact details are only communicated to potential buyers once you have accepted their offer. Our services will personally make sure that you, the buyer and the port’s administration are in touch.


You can also make your advertisement only visible to Partner agents who will be able to check the integrity of potential buyers they bring to you and accompany you towards a successful sale. However, they will charge you commission once the sale is completed.


For more information feel free to contact us or call us on (Monaco) +377 93 50 40 41.

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