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I am Peter Murray Kerr, the creator of MooringSpot.com.


I am a “MooringSpotter” and it is an unusual occupation. I roam from port to port and from cove to cove, to locate the various sunny places where one can moor. You may come across me walking around the docks on sunny winter days when ports are quiet, taking photos and taking notes. I spend endless hours editing databases listing in fine detail everything I find on ports and their berths. In a certain way, you could say my occupation is being a “port geek”, obsessed in researching and documenting all you may want to know about the space, and the place, where you might be moored this summer.




Photo of MooringSpot at Antibes Yacht Show 2013 _ Launch of Mooring Spot


I began working in yacht sales, charter and yacht management when I was 25. In those days, business was much happier and new comers to boating certainly showed more freedom with their money I had had several experiences where my Clients would not buy the yachts they wanted due to the impossibility of finding a “home” for them. It was frustrating for them and for me. My family and I also were confronted to the problem. We could afford to change our boat, we were dreaming for something slightly bigger, but we simply could not afford the berths. I decided to dig into the problem to solve the issue and realised how complex it was for everyone.


In 2007, I joined Inwards Marine, a reputed “berth brokerage” company, and specialised in this field to the extent that some gave me the nickname of “Mr. Berth”. I one day realised that the lack of transparency and efficiency - as well as some unethical practices made possible in this market where many boat owners show signs of despair - was a limiting factor for many of us, boat owners and yachting professionals. We needed more efficient tools to buy or to sell rights on berths with greater transparency.


Ultimately, what is a berth you can moor to all year around and what is exactly for sale?


It is in fact very simple. It is basically a right on a location over a limited period of time. It is not tangible. You could almost say it is “virtual”. It is defined merely with maps, figures, rules and law.

Nowadays, it is possible to list, advertise, negotiate, buy and sell houses, apartments, as well as boats online. Of course, no one is ever going to buy a house or a yacht without inspecting it first and having surveys conducted, so you need to make appointments with potential buyers, to let them in, or show them aboard…

If this is possible with yachts or real estate, it should only be simpler with berths, would you not think? Berths do not move, need a new engine, have engine hours, or have other maintenance issues? You do not need to accompany potential buyers or lend them your keys to look at a berth, do you? Anyone can walk to a berth, and inspect it for themselves, as long as you have been given the right information. All it takes is someone to conduct a detailed census of all the ports in an area, list every single berth there is with all its relevant information, and put all the information online so we can all share it… and this is how it all started.


If you would like more information on MooringSpot and on how the website works, please go to What is MooringSpot, or feel free to contact us or call us on +377 93 50 40 41 (Monaco).



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